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SLL is a full-service Nigerian travel concierge service and airport VIP service facilitator. We assist our clients with all your travel needs to ensure secure first-class business or vacation travel.

Visa on Arrival Assistance

We help “Smooth” out the process of obtaining a Visa on Arrival

Airport Concierge Service

Airport Walk-through to Immigration and Customs

Luxury Transportation

Travel in style from the airport to the hotel, office, or around town

Travel Accommodations

Book Accommodations or receive Threat & Security Briefings

Why Choose Us?

Explore the Wonders of Africa through The Giant of Africa, Nigeria!

The Giant of Africa, Nigeria! It’s “Smooth Sailing” When You Travel With Smooth Luxury Logistics. Let us facilitate your next trip to Nigeria (Lagos)

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State - Abuja
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Let’s face it, travel and travel arrangements have never been easy, especially when traveling outside of the U.S.  It takes time and effort to understand the new reality of travel with the heightened Health & Security Risks we now face when traveling abroad. 

Our ‘Concierge’ teams have the experience necessary to guide you through the process, from planning to departure. We will help you ‘Travel Smoothly’ and take away the angst and possibility of having unreliable travel information or arrangements when traveling to Nigeria.            



Smooth Luxury Logistics utilizes our proprietary systems to provide information and services to people desiring to visit Nigeria, whether foreigners or Nigerians in Diaspora.

Our services: We operate luxurious vehicles that take you smoothly to your destination anywhere in the country, get you the best rates at our network of hotels, and even help you book Domestic Flights throughout the country without putting pressure on your budget!
Feel free to allow us to manage your next trip to Nigeria!


Our Visa On Arrival submission service is the culmination of experience, our unique expertise, and the relationships we have built throughout Nigeria. Our Visa On Arrival couriers do the "leg-work" for you, to insure your paperwork is processed efficiently and potential issues with your travel plans are identified immediately. The Service guides you through the hurdles you will encounter along the way.


A Smooth Luxury Logistics team member will meet you as you arrive at the Airport and escort you through the process, from disembarking the plan until processing through Customs. We offer the assurance of efficient, lawful movement throughout the entry stations, with the proper paperwork already secured for you to enter Nigeria in the 'Smoothest' possible way!


We operate luxurious vehicles, primarily the Lexus GX460, to take you 'Smoothly' to your destination- anywhere in the country without putting pressure on your budget. Or, we'll handle your rental reservations so you don't have to worry and can travel freely to your destination of choice.


Let Smooth Luxury Logistics take care of navigating your travel arrangements. With new travel restrictions, Visa Applications, and other paperwork challenges, getting your travel plans set is a challenge. We work with you to develop your itinerary - flight times, arrival times, departure times, seating arrangements, and more. Let Smooth Luxury Logistics be your Agent for travel throughout Nigeria!


We know Lagos! Whether traveling to Nigeria on business, for vacation or coming home for the holidays, our Concierge Service will book your Hotel room in the heart of your travel plans. Be centrally located for your meetings and travel destinations, or enjoy the charm of the local neighborhood restaurants. We know Lagos, and you'll love the convenience you'll experience when our team does the work for you!

We maintain an influential presence in Lagos's commercial districts and lively city. We see that our guests are received warmly on arrival at the Airport and taken through the Clearance protocols hitch-free and in complete compliance with the Nigerian Government's standards of operation. We operate luxurious vehicles that take you smoothly to your destination anywhere in the country, get you the best rates at our network of hotels, and even help you book Domestic Flights throughout the country without putting pressure on your budget!

We "Smooth" the path between you and immigration by gathering your information, performing a background check, and collecting payment to present to the Nigerian Immigration Service on your behalf via our private courier, ensuring you don't end up at the bottom of last weeks applications.

  1. “Meet & Greet,” a VIP walk-through of the Airport to Immigrations and then Customs
  2. Driver and luxury vehicle, await your arrival curbside to whisk you off to your hotel, meeting, or destination
  3. Visit our Private VIP lounge to regroup and get your bearings and an In-Country Threat briefing.
  4. Book our services a-la-carte or as part of one of our cost-efficient packages.